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Reconfigurable nanoscale spin wave majority gate with frequency-division multiplexing




Spin waves are excitations in ferromagnetic media that have been proposed as information carriers in spintronic devices with potentially much lower operation power than conventional charge-based electronics. The wave nature of spin waves can be exploited to design majority gates by coding information in their phase and using interference for computation. However, a scalable spin wave majority gate design that can be co-integrated alongside conventional Si-based electronics is still lacking. Here, we demonstrate a reconfigurable nanoscale inline spin wave majority gate with ultrasmall footprint, frequency-division multiplexing, and fan-out. Time-resolved imaging of the magnetisation dynamics by scanning transmission x-ray microscopy reveals the operation mode of the device and validates the full logic majority truth table. All-electrical spin wave spectroscopy further demonstrates spin wave majority gates with sub-micron dimensions, sub-micron spin wave wavelengths, and reconfigurable input and output ports. We also show that interference-based computation allows for frequency-division multiplexing as well as the computation of different logic functions in the same device. Such devices can thus form the foundation of a future spin-wave-based superscalar vector computing platform.

Author(s): Giacomo Talmelli and Thibaut Devolder and Nick Träger and Johannes Förster and Sebastian Wintz and Markus Weigand and Hermann Stoll and Marc Heyns and Gisela Schütz and Iuliana Radu and Joachim Gräfe and Florin Ciubotaru and Christoph Adelmann
Year: 2019

Department(s): Modern Magnetic Systems
Bibtex Type: Miscellaneous (misc)

Eprint: 1908.02546
URL: https://arxiv.org/abs/1908.02546


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