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Das Herstellungsverfahren von Polymer-Linsen. Die Schliffbilder wurden mit einem Rasterelektronenmikroskop gemacht.

Novel polymer lenses for X-ray microscopes: highly efficient and low cost

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart invented a new and cost-effective method for making X-ray lenses with nanometer-sized features and excellent focusing capabilities. By using an advanced 3D printing technique, a single lens can be manufactured under a minute from polymeric materials with extremely favorable X-ray optical properties, hence the costs of prototyping and manufacturing are strongly reduced. High-throughput and high-yield manufacturing processes of such lenses are sought after world-wide, which is why the scientists have filed a patent for their invention.


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Umut Sanli
Postdoctoral Researcher
mms Thumb sm keskinbora
Kahraman Keskinbora
Research Group Leader
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Hakan Ceylan
Senior Research Scientist
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Gisela Schütz
pi Thumb sm metin
Metin Sitti
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Linda Behringer
Public Relations