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{Coercivity scaling in antidot lattices in Fe, Ni, and NiFe thin films}




Antidot lattices can be used to artificially engineer magnetic properties in thin films, however, a conclusive model that describes the coercivity enhancement in this class of magnetic nano-structures has so far not been found. We prepared Fe, Ni, and NiFe thin films and patterned each with 21 square antidot lattices with different geometric parameters and measured their hysteretic behavior. On the basis of this extensive dataset we are able to provide a model that can describe both the coercivity scaling over a wide range of geometric lattice parameters and the influence of different materials.

Author(s): Gräfe, J. and Schütz, G. and Goering, E. J.
Journal: {Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials}
Volume: 419
Pages: 517--520
Year: 2016
Publisher: North-Holland

Department(s): Modern Magnetic Systems
Research Project(s): Magnetism in Antidot Lattices
Bibtex Type: Article (article)

Address: Amsterdam
DOI: 10.1016/j.jmmm.2016.06.052
Language: eng


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